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Build a Box

From: £4.50 or from £4.05 / month

  • Beef Tripe 50g

  • Camel Skin

  • Chicken Feet

  • Cow Hoof

  • Cut beef trachea

  • Furry cow ear

  • Furry lambs ear

  • Furry Rabbits Ear

  • Hotdog rolls

  • Lamb skin

  • Paddy wack

  • Pigs ear

  • Skinny Pizzle

  • Pork rind rolls

  • Pork spaghetti 25g

  • Puffed pig snout

  • Roast lamb shoulder strips 50g

  • Sprats 50g

  • Whole beef trachea

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Build your dog a personalised box filled with their favourite dog treats and chews. All our treats and chews are 100% natural and sourced from British farms where possible. No rawhide, additives, grain, or preservatives.
Choose from a variety of treats and longer lasting chews suitable for your dog. Many of our treats and chews are suitable for dogs on a raw fed diet as they are naturally air dried. Choose from the list below and build your precious pooch their perfect box of treats!

Always supervise whilst feeding and feed as a treat alongside a balanced diet. Always ensure clean water is always available.


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