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About Us

Howl and Meow is a small independent business run by the ‘one man and his dog’ team of Kieran and Lola, from Hertfordshire, UK.

With our passion for both animal wellbeing and sustainability in mind, we have carefully curated a selection of 100% natural dog treats and chews to keep your pets happy, healthy, and stimulated.
Almost all our treats, chews and other goodies are sourced as by-products of the farming industry and use parts that would usually go to waste. You may have heard the trendy term ‘nose-to-tail’ eating popping up more and more in high end restaurants? We believe this should apply to the way we feed our four-legged friends too!

We use recycled and recyclable packaging for all our products — from our recycled card leaflets to our sugar cane mailing bags.

At Howl and Meow, we are committed to sustainability, natural ingredients, and reducing waste, so that you, our customers, can feel good about your purchase.

Who We Are

Kieran is a life-long animal lover who studied Animal Management at Moreton Morrell College in Warwickshire, before training at the Royal Veterinary College in London. He has also volunteered on animal conservation projects in South Africa, and at a monkey sanctuary in Thailand!

Kieran also owns and runs a successful dog walking, day care and boarding business, Welwyn Walks,  which has been operating in Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas since 2015 and is much-loved and relied upon by their loyal network of customers.

Lola is a Weimaraner who loves walks, belly rubs, and sitting on her armchair, and has been extensively involved in the product-testing stages of setting up Howl and Meow!

“Thank you for supporting my small business through your purchase of a Howl and Meow product for your pet. After a tough year, independent businesses are finally bouncing back and your support means a lot to us.

Our products are natural, healthy, and sustainably sourced, and better yet — they’ll keep your pampered pet suitably distracted, so you can get some much-needed peace and quiet! Enjoy! ”

— Kieran

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